🌟 New Remote Control Wireless Airplane Toy




🚀This limited stock remote control wireless airplane toy is a great gift for kids!

🚀Featuring high torque and powerful motors for an exciting flying experience.

It's a great remote-control planes for beginners
One-Key Aerobatic: Designed for easy control to perform aerobatic maneuvers.

  • Maximum flight height of 200 meters and a remote control distance of about 500 meters.
  • It is made of high-quality and durable EPP, which is light and durable.
  • The plane has a simple operation mode, press the switch and pull the joystick to control the aerobatic flight of the plane easily.
  • After assembling the wheels, it can be easily transported and is perfect for outdoor play!!

  • Durable RC airplane wheels ensure safe and smooth landings.
  • 2.4G signal channel flying machine, including ascending, descending, left turn, right turn 4 direction flying.

It is made of premium durable EPP and ABS which makes it light and durable. 

Featuring high torque and powerful motors for an exciting flying experience.

A USB charger is provided which makes mobile charging become a reality. 

Extended remote control range of up to 120 meters.

Equipped with a gyroscope for stable flight, making it beginner-friendly.

2.4GHz 2CH aircraft, including 4 directional flyings, ascending, descending, turning left, and turning right.


Airplane Size: 250mm x 350 x 80mm

Airplane Weight: 240g

Package dimensions: 360 x 280 x 80mm

Color: Red/Blue/Yellow

Package Weight: 342g

Battery: 3.7V150mAh lipo 20c

Package size: 10.24 x 14.17 x 3.15in

Package Includes:

1 x Remote Control Aircraft

1 x  Remote Control

1 x A Pair Of Propellers

1 x Foam Glue

1 x USB Charger

1 x English Manual

1 x 2 Colorful Led Light Bar

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