Ultra-Thin Invisible Cabinet Door Magnets


Package: 2 Sets (4 Pcs)

2 Sets (4 Pcs)
4 Sets (16 Pcs) | Most Choice
6 Sets (24 Pcs) | Best Value

Ideal for Wardrobe doors, Drawers, Cabinet Doors, Dressers, Cupboard doors, etc.

It can be used for anything you want to stick to the wall to make the whole space tidy and clean.

Also prevents children or pets from opening the cabinet door to make a mess

✅These flat magnets for cabinets are made of metal material, against corrosion, cracking, more durable and long-lasting than plastic ones.

✅Small size, ultra-thin thickness, truly natural invisible effect, can be used on any expensive furniture.

Using Methods

Confirm the location to be installed and clean the surface of the cabinet door.

Stick the double-sided tape separately on the two iron sheets ( do not stick it on the round magnet surface ).

Stick it to the cabinet door and press firmly to ensure a tight connection.

After 10 minutes (very important), close the door and check it.



Material: Manganese steel

Size: As shown

Weight: 18g


2 Sets x Ultra-Thin Invisible Cabinet Door Magnets

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